What’s New December 16th

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December 16th, 2019


Hello! In advance, sorry. This will be a lengthy newsletter but please look all the way through:)


Christmas break is approaching us really quickly!! I hope you all have wonderful and memorable plans in store:)

I will be staying at home, enjoying our first Christmas in our new house with our new puppy! If you would like to, send in a couple pictures of your holiday and we can take turns sharing and talking about what we did over break!




Our class will be participating in a “Winter Book Exchange”. This is a great opportunity for each child to give and receive a book during the month of December to celebrate reading. I would like each student to find a gently-used book from home (non-gender specific preferably) and wrap it like a present.

Please return the wrapped book no later than Tomorrow,  December 17th (no tags are necessary)




San Tan’s annual Gifted Testing event is approaching quickly! 

If you are interested in having your child tested for giftedness, please complete the attached Parent Request Form and return it to the office with the testing Co-Pay. Once a child is identified as gifted, they do not need to retest.  Gifted testing will begin in mid- February.

Note:  If your child is currently in a gifted class and identified as ‘provisional’ they will automatically be retested, you do not need to send in the recommendation form. : -)

**Gifted Testing Requests are due no later than January 15th.



It’s getting chilly! 

Parents, with the cold weather brings a very full Lost & Found.  Please come in and check for any missing jackets, sweaters and sweatshirts.  As a reminder, please put your child’s first and last name on everything that comes to school.



Spirit Week Next Week!!!!

Super HERO Monday

Disney day Tuesday

Twin day Wednesday

Wacky tacky/ crazy hair Thursday

Jingle Jog Attire Friday



Colby was our Star Student last week:) What a great week to learn about our classmates more. He brought in her pictures, a Power Ranger costume for his show and tell, a book to read to the class, slap bracelets for the estimation jar and his mom came to visit as his special guest! Thank you for sharing!!




Meet our Class Elf… Mya

Last week, our class Elf visited our classroom and is here to stay until the kids go home for Christmas Break! They loved getting to meet her and decide on her name for the year. Mya was chosen and I think it is perfect:) She is a lot of fun and adds sparkle to our day. The kids love to see where she is each day and even write her letters to give to Santa (writing can be fun) lol. I will be giving you updates on where she has traveled, more like got into this upcoming week. Stay tuned!




This week we will be finishing our Gingerbread writing pieces along with designing our own.

On Thursday we will be sharing our own holiday traditions with the class using the “My Holiday” page that was turned in (if you are in need of another page, please let me know).

On Friday, we will be watching Olaf’s Frozen Adventure with a special snack that I will bring in. This is a perfect ending to our unit, as it shows Olaf going house to house to find traditions and some featured traditions are ones we have gone over in class.

https://www.imdb.com/title/tt5452780/ – Movie info


 22 min





100th Day of School Celebration

January 15, 2020

We have planned a fun day where the children will experience 100 through many different activities.  To help us visualize what 100 objects look like, we are asking that each child decorate a plain t-shirt with 100 items on it. Due to the cold weather conditions we ask that all children wear a long sleeved shirt under their t-shirt so they are more comfortable.  Some ideas to use as decorations are stickers, googly eyes, fabric paint, cotton balls, buttons, pom-poms, safety pins, stamps, etc. The lighter weight the item, the easier it is to glue, stick, or attach 100 things to the shirt. Please also remember that your child will be wearing the 100 things all day (it will get very uncomfortable to wear 100 heavy things like pennies or crayons on a t-shirt.) Fabric paint is an excellent decoration because it is lightweight and doesn’t fall off. Have fun creating any shirt that you would like with 100 items on it.  Please have your child wear their shirt on Wednesday, January 15th as we celebrate the 100th day of school!




  • 12/16-12/20- Scholastic Book Fair
  • 12/19-12/20- Half Days (dismissal at 11:00 am) 
  • 12/23-1/3- NO SCHOOL
  • 1/6- First Day of Spring Semester