What’s New February 24th

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Hi Kindergarten Families!

I hope you all had a wonderful rainy weekend:) Personally, I loved it!


Conferences are coming up really soon! These will be held March 4th-6th right before spring break. Keep an eye out for the sign up coming around within the next week. We will be going over quarter 3’s ILP and new goals for Quarter 4.



Field Trip Photos!

Wednesday was so much fun!! It was really neat to see all of the kids in their element, running around with their peers, enjoying the museum. I too myself found my inner child haha. I saw a lot of new relationships formed and can tell that we are now a tighter knitted kinder family. Thank you to all of my chaperones who joined us on this trip and made it possible. I could have not done it without you, literally. The kids thank you as well as we reflected on the day, they said it was “the best day EVER” all thanks to you.

If you have any photos from the field trip that you would like to share with others, please paste them to this google doc.

This way you are fee to scroll through and find any you would like to keep for memories:)

Field Trip Photos


Brodie and Kennedy were our star students these past couple of weeks and it was so fun to learn all about them and what makes them so special to Kindergarten:)



Kennedy’s Favorite Things

Hobby – Watching Movies

Food – Hot Dogs

Color – Pink

Song – God’s Not Dead

Movie – Frozen 2



Brodie’s Favorite Things

Hobby – Playing with his brother.

Food – Salad

Color- Green

Song – God’s Not Dead

Movie – Home Alone 2




Valentines Day Friendship Celebration

Here are some fun photos from our Valentines Party from last week! We had a blast in our themed centers.

Candy Heart Experiment, Valentines Write The Room, Blow Me A Kiss Pom Pom Race, Bee Mine Craft, Love Letter Geoboards.




Feb. 26th– Half Day 

Mar. 3rd-6th– Book Fair

Mar. 4th-6th– Half Day Teacher Conference

Mar. 9-18th– Spring Break